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  • Who Do We Publish?
    All people, again, one book at a time. Each year, from JANUARY 5, UNTIL FEBRUARY 15, we have an open reading period. SUBMISSION INFORMATION will be listed ON CCP'S SUBMISSIONS PAGE during our OPEN READING PERIOD. The READING FEE is $35.00 to submitted via PAYPAL ONLY. Our open reading period is currently closed.
  • What Do We Publish?
    Poetry, literary fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. We have a keen interest in publishing children's books for children of color. Note: We do not publish romance novels or erotica.
  • Do we offer sales/discounts?
    YES, absolutely. Beginning on Black Friday of every year (11/29) in the United States, we offer a flat-rate discount on all books published in the previous calendar year. Also, we offer discounts periodically over the course of the year. WE OFFER DISCOUNTS TO BOOKSTORES based on the number of titles ordered. Just check out our DISCOUNTS page for updates on all of these sales matters.
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