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"Speak Water speaks to the fluidity of that most ancient ethos: truth. And when you throw in justice, for that matter, you are dealing with Truth, as in Thomas-not doubting or pouting-but like Moses who spoke and split water, castigating the very enemies of righteousness with poems that are riotous and crystal clear as the holiest of waters should be. Speak Water is a testament to Truth Thomas' commitment to the power of the word. His mastery of ideas, images, syllables and forms puts to rest the stale, obdurate notion that poetry and politics can't live together to bear witness, to be beautiful and hopeful and true; to tell it like it is and how it ought to be-and make you cry, laugh, scratch your head, and think-like you're in church, testifying and signifying at all the lying and dying Babylon brings. Here be Truth. Here be Thomas. Hear him speak-and sing." 

-Tony Medina


($14.99 plus shipping)

*NAACP IMAGE AWARD WINNER* Speak Water by Truth Thomas

SKU: CCP - Prod - 01
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