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Cherry Castle Publishing's Reading Period Will Open on 2/5/2024

Cherry Castle Publishing accepts unsolicited manuscripts from February 5th through March 5th of each year. Our mission is to publish fiction and poetry of the highest quality that, hopefully, inches America in the direction of its best, most ethical, self. All submission fees are currently waived. Submit your work in PDF format only.


Fiction/nonfiction manuscripts should be no longer than 180 pages, and poetry manuscripts should be in the 48-96 page range. For writers of children's picture books, send your full manuscript, including page breaks (but do not submit children's picture books which you consider to be complete with "finished art," since we want the flexibility to help improve and refine your concept). Note: we have a keen interest in publishing children's books for children of color. 

Scholarly titles covering literature, arts, and the Humanities are also accepted, but they should be submitted in the proper format (MLA, APA, etc.). This reading period is neither a contest nor is it exclusively for first books. Rather, it is primarily a time for CCP to review manuscripts by writers who have not previously been published by our press. Submit in PDF format to

The CCP Submission Process

If you wish to have us consider your work for publication, email a pdf version of your manuscript to (TBA). Please include a short bio in the body of your email submission. Also, in the context of social justice concerns, briefly tell us why you believe your manuscript is needed, new, and noteworthy. 

There are no reading fees in 2022. The review process can take up to four weeks after the end of the open reading period. We will contact you once a decision has been reached. To that end, make sure your contact information (full name, email and snail mail address) accompanies your submission. The editors’ decisions are final. And--almost--needless to say, Cherry Castle Publishing, LLC. in no way guarantees that a submitted manuscript will be accepted. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, CCP is unable to offer feedback on individual manuscripts.  

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